Monday, November 14, 2011

Subspace Anthology - Out today

Here it is - all new and shiny with my name (and a few more famous ones) on the cover:

Get your copy at Total-E-Bound. Right now. Go ahead. You know, you want it.
(Just trying out my psychic powers on you - is it working already?).

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday snog special: Excerpt from "The Accidental Sub"

Today's Sunday snog comes from my brandnew story "The Accidental Sub". In fact, it is so brandnew that it will not be released until tomorrow! "The Accidental Sub" is in TEB's Subspace anthology - with five other hot stories. Here's the blurb - and don't forget to have a look at the sneak preview below.

And here's your Sunday snog special hot sneak preview excerpt:

Jon woke slowly. He had the strange feeling that someone was breathing into his face. He wrinkled his nose and his bed shook with tiny tremors. He frowned. Had the mattress just giggled? Jon shook his head slightly and opened his eyes. He realised that he was still half lying on Catherine’s soft, warm body, and that she was staring at him with her large green eyes and smiling. She had a lovely smile, Jon thought, his head still a little fuzzy with sleep.
“You will probably want to punish me,” Catherine whispered. “I know that, but maybe we could talk first?”
Jon nodded. Talking sounded like a good idea. He still had no idea what had just happened.
Catherine smiled again, and Jon suddenly wanted to kiss that lovely mouth. He leaned a little closer, and she widened her eyes in anticipation. He hesitated for the briefest of moments, then his mouth closed over hers in a sensual kiss. Oh boy, would they have something to talk about, he thought, before his tongue invaded her warm, inviting mouth to tangle with hers, and he got very much distracted.
Catherine tasted delicious, her breath a little tangy from the hot and sour dim sum sauce she had eaten. He pushed his tongue into her mouth again and again in imitation of their earlier lovemaking. When had he last kissed a woman this passionately? He couldn’t remember.
He stroked his hands over her body, caressing her breasts, her waist, then her hips. She responded eagerly to his touch, arching her body and pressing herself against him. He realised that her hands were still tied over her head. Reluctantly breaking the kiss, he reached up to free her wrists.

Want more? "The Accidental Sub" is in TEB's brandnew Subspace anthology, available at TEB from November 14th.

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Release date is drawing near!

When I looked at the calendar this morning it suddenly struck me: just one more week (or seven days or 10,080 minutes, I'm not doing seconds, because I'm not THAT desperate ... yet) until the the release of TEB's brandnew Subspace Anthology, which means (drumroll in the background) only one week (seven days, 10,080 minutes...) until my story "The Accidental Sub" will be out. I don't know about you, but for me seeing one of my stories published is always a great event. It is totally thrilling, but it also scares me to death. What if nobody likes it? What if I get a bad review - or, maybe even worse - no reviews at all?
That's why I'll be trembling in my boots for the rest of the week. Trembling with a combination of fear and anticipation. Wait, that doesn't sound that scary ... Okay, I'll be over here in my little writer's corner waiting for (the) release.
Feel free to drop by and tease me ... er ... leave a comment, I meant.