Sunday, August 28, 2011

Let's make some noise!?

I've always been fascinated by steampunk. The intricate workings of the machinery, and the concept of using heavy mechanics rather than printed circuits make it seem like a more honest, more accessible kind of technology to me. And, I must admit, the sheer beauty of the old materials makes me want to touch them and run my hands along smooth metal and shiny glass surfaces.
So, being an erotic romance writer, I thought I'd try my hand at writing an erotic romance story with steampunk elements. The writing is going more or less smoothly. I've got a plot, a couple of characters and they are ready to experiment. One of them is a collector of steampunk machinery. Of course his extensive collection includes a steampunk fucking machine. My female character is turned on by the sight of it. The raw power of the thing, the idea of being fucked mechanically while being watched by her lover makes her go all hot and bothered. Things get steamy quickly (pun intended). They decide to try out the fucking machine and …
Do you see my problem?
Any kind of steampunk machinery would be loud! Very loud! The steam engine would make clanking and puffing noises and the cogs and wheels and push rods and whatever other metal parts would make a lot of noise too. There would also be steam, but that could be dealt with by installing chimneys. But what to do about the noise? I don't know about you, but I would probably be turned off by the noise. Like a bad vibrator turning you off as soon as you turn it on, you know?
So, what to do now? I'm contemplating several ways out of this fix at the moment and you'll certainly hear more about them in the near future. But I'd love to hear your ideas on the subject. So, please leave comments!

Saturday, August 20, 2011


My story HOT BUTTERED STRUMPET has been reviewed by Tanith Davenport in TEB's August Newsletter. Lovely Review, thanks a lot, Tanith!

Plus, I've been Hitting the Hot Spot on 19 August. Check out my blog entry on Antici ... pation!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Looking forward to ...

... my first hot spot blog entry. Yay! I made it onto my wonderful publisher TEB's blog Hitting the Hot Spot, where I will be blogging on the 19th. I haven't chosen the topic yet, although I have a few ideas. I thought it should be something juicy (starting with a bang, you know?) but still classy. Neither too long and wordy, nor to short, so it would leave people satisfied but wanting more. Ah, decisions, decisions.
There are also the pictures to consider. Some of my fellow authors post their favourite male hotties. Hm, not a bad idea. But my tastes are a little ... let's say ... different. What if what I liked didn't appeal to anyone else? For example I thoroughly enjoyed Lily's post on spanking - especially the last picture which looks like Elvis. But that topic has been covered. There are other forms of play, of course...
Now you're probably wondering what I mean by 'different'. Hm, maybe I'll show you sometime. Anyways, drop by Hitting the Hot Spot this Friday and see for yourself what my twisted mind will come up with. Or, is there anything you would like me to blog about? Leave a comment and tell me!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I just grew two inches ...

... which is quite a feat as I am a tall girl already. Well, not unreasonably tall (for a man that is) but tall nevertheless. Tall enough that little old ladies constantly ask me for help at the supermarket if they want something from the top shelf. And now even taller.
Oh, right, you probably want to know why I grew two inches. Well, it's because, because, because (drummroll) I just (holding my breath and whispering) signed the contract for my next story! Yay! And it's not just any old contract, either. No, no no! I am going to be in an anthology. And not just any old anthology but a really cool one with the wonderful Desiree Holt, whose stories are so hot, you would probably be able to fry a whole English breakfast on them. And with Sierra Cartwright (gasp!) and with three other wonderful authors - Jan Irving, Justine Elyot and Elizabeth Coldwell.
I'm so excited I will probably not be able to go to sleep tonight. And proud. So proud and excited in fact, that I will have to stop this post here before I embarrass myself (and everyone else) by babbling on and on.
More about the new story to come soon!