Monday, February 13, 2012

Newsflash: Subspace out in print and from ARe!

The Subspace anthology (with my novella 'The Accidental Sub' in it) is now out in print and as an eBook from All Romance eBooks. So, in case you're the lucky winner of the grand Red-Hot-Valentines-Blog-Hop prize why not spend it on a steamy anthology full of extra hot BDSM stories?

Monday, February 6, 2012

Red-Hot Valentine's Blog Hop

Hi all,
in celebration or the most romantic day of the year, the fabulous Ranae Rose has designed a fabulous Valentine's blog hop and you can win totally fabulous prizes! (Did I mention the fabulosity of it all?)

Each of the participating authors will be giving away a prize on their individual blog. I'll be giving away a copy each of my historical short story Hot Buttered Strumpet and my BDSM-inspired novella The Accidental Sub. Just leave a comment including your email address and make sure to state which eBook you'd like to win.

Want more fabulous prizes? Make sure you visit all the blogs and leave a comment on each. Here's the link to the blog hop page:

Also, you can read fantastic excerpts of sexy, romantic, extra hot stories.

And, here's the best part: by leaving a comment on one or all of the participating blogs you have a chance to enter the drawing for the grand blog hop prize - a $60 gift card to All Romance eBooks!

So, what are you waiting for? Leave a comment below for a chance to win!

And without further ado, here's the hot excerpt from Hot Buttered Strumpet:

 Annie looked at herself in the dressing room mirror. Her hair was a mess. She went back to the dresser and found a comb, with which she tried to disentangle her hair, then she piled the curls up on her head and tied them with a blue silk cravat.
Content with her appearance for the moment, Annie turned away from the dresser and tried the third door. It led from the bedroom into a corridor. There were more doors to the left and right.
She could hear noises at one end of the passage and the clattering of dishes. Her stomach growled. How long since she had eaten? Ah yes, the meal she had shared with Wren before she had sucked his lovely cock.
She found herself staring dreamily down the hall, thinking of Wren and how she could really get used to his company. He was gentle and strong and she went all warm and wobbly inside just thinking about the way he had looked at her when she rode his hard shaft.
She wanted to find him, to be close to him. She pattered down the passage on her bare feet, looking into empty rooms to the left and right until she found another bedroom. Two people shared the big four-poster bed. She gasped and almost closed the door again, before she realised they were Wren and his younger brother, the angelic one. What was his name again? Ah yes, Robert.
Robert, the angelic, lay on his back gloriously naked, one arm sprawled over his head, the other at his groin. He was still asleep but his cock was half-erect, a drop of pre-cum glistening on the tip. She wanted to lick it. Ah well, later maybe.
Her gaze was drawn to the other man on the bed. Wren was also quite obviously naked although his body was half-covered with a thin white sheet, which tented quite prominently where his cock had begun to stir. Annie’s gaze wandered up his body appreciatively, surprised to meet his warm grey eyes.
“Good morning, my lovely,” he said in his soft, deep voice. “Care to join us?” He pulled the sheet from his rampant cock and smiled at her invitingly.
Annie blushed but smiled back at him. “I’d love to. But you’ll have to go slow on me today, sir. I’m still a bit sore from last night.”
His answering smile was rueful as he urged her to him for a slow, sensual kiss. Her body snuggling between the two men, she felt warm and content. Then he began to kiss her in earnest, arousing her with the expert caresses of his powerful hands. When she moaned against his mouth and pushed her body against his, he chuckled lightly. “You’re insatiable, aren’t you? I would love to lick your pussy but that will probably wake Rob and he will want to join in the fun.”
She giggled. “I’m ready to go, if you are,” she whispered, suddenly a little shy.
He pulled the dressing gown off her, then crawled down her body burying his mouth between her legs while he straddled her. This position had the definite advantage of presenting her with direct access to his beautiful cock and a pair of impressive testicles covered in smooth skin. She made ample use of this advantage, licking his balls then sucking him deep into her mouth.
His tongue on her clit made her writhe and buck her hips until she moaned her pleasure around his cock, the uncontrollable spasms running through her body encouraging her to suck him even harder. He didn’t take long to bring her to orgasm.
“Careful, lovely, don’t bite it off,” she heard him say in a tight voice muffled by her own pussy.