Five-star review of Subspace on Night Owl reviews:

Wow! A blazingly hot collection of tales that explore the steamy world of BDSM written by six very talented authors. This was a fascinating look at the different aspects of submission seen through the eyes of those who are familiar with the ‘Life’ as well as those who are being introduced to all of the joys that can be found with the proper guide. That elusive state of subspace can only be achieved under the right circumstances with the right person(s) and these sizzling stories give intriguing glimpses of various paths to that delightful goal. Particularly entertaining was the glimpse of people in all walks of life who choose to explore this aspect of their intimate encounters and the delightful experiences that are available to those who are brave enough to try new things although some situations require a suspension of disbelief. A nice selection of spicy tales that introduced me to several new authors while reminding me of how much I enjoy the tales of one of my favorites.“Subspace” is a collection of erotic tales by Sierra Cartwright, Desiree Holt, Jan Irving, Justine Elyot, Elizabeth Caldwell, and Mina Dorian. Various techniques used in Dominance/submission relationships are described in tales that vary from a pair of deliciously dominant males helping a small town woman reach a new level of arousal to a scientist exploring the effects of different forms of corporal punishment as well as a younger dominant male introducing an older woman to a new lifestyle (that must be quite a strip mall!) and a poignant struggle to keep a D/s relationship from deepening beyond the master/sub connection. A description of candle play that is introduced to someone exploring the role of submissive as well as an intriguing tale of a well-trained submissive who flees into the arms of a caring Dominant round out the collection.

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Review of The Accidental Sub on Long and Short Reviews (formerly Whipped Cream):

Note to all Domas: Be careful of where you practice your big bad "Dom" voice, you never know who is listening to you. 

That’s how this story starts. A colleague of Catherine’s is in his office, practicing his voice commands for a girlfriend who needs a strong hand in the bedroom. Something about the voice triggers Catherine’s former inner sub and she can’t help but follow the commands. And what is a person to do when you accidentally master your boss? Well, you call your mentor of course!

And here comes Jon to save the day. Kind of. The moment Jon lays eyes on the beautiful sub kneeling naked in her office, he’s hooked. Instant attraction and respect blooms within Jon because of Catherine’s discipline as a submissive. Deciding he had to have her, she agrees to play out a scene with him. By the end, Jon realizes one brief moment is not enough with her and she has revived his outlook on the lifestyle.

Although she’s out of the lifestyle, there is something about this mysterious Dom that has Catherine all a flutter and she decides to give in to her own needs. Over the course of their first evening together you find out that Catherine is on the run from her former Dom who happens to be her abusive husband. But Jon shows her how a true, caring D/s relationship is supposed to be and she can’t help but thrive in the gentle hands of this new man.

This is a short, sweet and very sexy story. I know you’re thinking, how can it be sweet and sexy? Well it’s true! Mina Dorian wrote a lovely story about healing and love through the outlet of a BDSM lifestyle. Both characters are equally strong in their own way, Catherine because of her jerk of an ex, and Jon is very confident with himself. I do wish we had learned more about Jon and how he got to the point of being bored with the lifestyle. The story was very fast paced making this a quick read, but I felt there needed to be a little something extra. Maybe a little more insight into the couples building feelings and relationship.

But the sexiness smoldered the pages and the sweetness will melt your heart. So if you like BDSM, sexy Doms, sweet subs and the bad guy gets it in the end, then look no further!

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Review of Subspace on Long and Short Reviews (formerly Whipped Cream):

Subspace is something many have sought for but not so many have achieved. It takes a lot of trust and talent for all parties involved for someone to reach subspace and that is a testament in these stories. This anthology had something for either the beginner BDSM reader or those who love the genre and read everything published.


The Accidental Sub by Mina Dorian

The beginning of the story was a bit puzzling to me; I mean how do you accidentally make someone a sub? I would have liked to have understood a little more about the mental/emotional state that lead to Catherine accidentally submitting to her co-worker. Other than that, I felt the story was right on target. Jon is the type of Master I can see many woman falling in love with whether they are interested in BDSM or not. He seemed to have an air of confidence without being arrogant that any woman can appreciate. I really enjoyed the subplot with Catherine and her past relationship as well. It added a bit of excitement to the story and made me want to learn more. A great end to a wonderful anthology.

Because of previous experiences with anthologies, I started reading this one expecting at least one story I wouldn't enjoy. Instead, I found every story entertaining and each could have stood on its own without the others. I was pleasantly surprised by the degree of exceptional writing and I'm sure any reader would enjoy Subspace.

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Review of Subspace on Fallen Angels Reviews:

Jon is in fact a safe, experienced Dom, and was largely the redeeming quality of the story. However, this tale did not showcase the safety and caution one should exercise when beginning a new BDSM relationship and didn't suspend the disbelief necessary for a pleasurable and erotic read.

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