Monday, June 27, 2011

Do you like Cinderella stories? Comment and win a copy of 'Hot Buttered Strumpet'!

Do you like Cinderella stories? I know, I do. I've always liked the idea of the nice girl getting the prince (as opposed to the mean, greedy bitches who are only after his money and his title and his steaming hot body... ah, okay, that might have been in the r-rated version of the fairy tale). 
Of course, it's all about being rewarded for being nice, but what I like about it is the unexpected bliss just before the happy ending. That moment when everything turns out right although it seemed as if it would all go wrong. I'm a total sucker for that Ahh-moment, Cinderella's unexpected bliss. I can never get enough of that. In the fairy tale it is usually over all to quickly, with the prince proposing, maybe a short description of the wedding, and then ... fade-out. Hm. 
Of course, as a writer I can make the perfect moment last. So, I decided to write my own Cinderella story. I imagined how the prince (or in my story the hero) would creep up on Cinderella (who is called Annie in my story). She would be sleeping and he would start to wake her, slowly caressing every inch of her body. She would be trembling with anticipation, afraid to open her eyes because, surely, this must be a dream. And then...
But I'm not going to tell you what happens then. You'll have to see for yourself. 'Hot Buttered Strumpet' is out now (WOOOHOOO!) and you can win a copy. So, if you like Cinderella stories (with a lot of extra steam in them), just comment on this blogpost and leave your email address to win a copy. Then you can tell me if I've captured the Ahh-moment.


  1. Hey, Mina! Congratulations on your first release with TEB, may it be the beginning of many, many more!

    HBS sounds delicious! ;-)

    Best wishes,

    Nichelle Gregory

  2. Greetings, Mina!

    Warmest congratulations on your release. I love your title! However I would not have guessed that it's a take on Cinderella.

    Can I win the corset LOL?