Monday, June 27, 2011

Do you like Cinderella stories? Comment and win a copy of 'Hot Buttered Strumpet'!

Do you like Cinderella stories? I know, I do. I've always liked the idea of the nice girl getting the prince (as opposed to the mean, greedy bitches who are only after his money and his title and his steaming hot body... ah, okay, that might have been in the r-rated version of the fairy tale). 
Of course, it's all about being rewarded for being nice, but what I like about it is the unexpected bliss just before the happy ending. That moment when everything turns out right although it seemed as if it would all go wrong. I'm a total sucker for that Ahh-moment, Cinderella's unexpected bliss. I can never get enough of that. In the fairy tale it is usually over all to quickly, with the prince proposing, maybe a short description of the wedding, and then ... fade-out. Hm. 
Of course, as a writer I can make the perfect moment last. So, I decided to write my own Cinderella story. I imagined how the prince (or in my story the hero) would creep up on Cinderella (who is called Annie in my story). She would be sleeping and he would start to wake her, slowly caressing every inch of her body. She would be trembling with anticipation, afraid to open her eyes because, surely, this must be a dream. And then...
But I'm not going to tell you what happens then. You'll have to see for yourself. 'Hot Buttered Strumpet' is out now (WOOOHOOO!) and you can win a copy. So, if you like Cinderella stories (with a lot of extra steam in them), just comment on this blogpost and leave your email address to win a copy. Then you can tell me if I've captured the Ahh-moment.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Vegetable Love

There is a beautiful poem by Andrew Marvell (one of the English Metaphysical poets who lived in the 17th century, in case you didn't know). It is called 'To his coy mistress' and I've been in love with it for quite a while so please bear with me, while I rant on about poetry for a moment. The poem is basically a plea to the poet's lady (the coy mistress of the title) to make love to him rather sooner than later, which I think is a brilliant approach. He starts his argument by describing how they could take ages to get together - "had we but world enough and time" and then picks up spead telling the lady: "Let us roll all our strenghts and all / our sweetness up into one ball / and tear our pleasures with rough strife / through the iron gates of life." 
Apart grom the fact that the "rolling into a ball" and the "rough strife" read to me like an early allusion to BDSM (which I'm comparatively sure Marvell didn't intend), the poem also contains the beautiful line: "Our vegetable love should grow, vaster than empires and more slow."
Of course, the image is pretty clear: vegetables grow slowly, so the poem's referring to a love which is given time to develop and grow slowly. Unfortunately my perverted little brain had to take the term 'vegetable love' literally and regale me with images of ... ahem ... people doing it with vegetables. 
Ah, the possibilities of large carrots, zucchini or even (*gasp*) cucumbers! 
Now, there's some pretty hot cucumber action in my story 'Hot Buttered Strumpet' (Attention: reader advisory: This book contains a scene involving the use of a fruit as a sex aid). 
Hm, maybe I have a thing for food sex going right now. Come to think of it, one could probably have a lot of fun with fruit too. Any suggestions for delicious fruit or veggie sex I should write about? Please feel free to share in the comments!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Erotic is...

…teasing. That’s why it’s called a striptease. It doesn’t do to have everything out in the open all at once. If you can see all, that’s just porn. And porn leaves nothing to the imagination. It’s nice to be kept on edge for a while, to savour the moment of anticipation. That’s why I think watching Rita Hayworth remove all of one glove inch by inch in Gilda is more erotic than the whole porn section of the local video store. And also, if you’re kept on the edge for a while, the reward is so much sweeter.

Read more delicious definitions by fellow erotic writers on Amy Valenti's blog.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Keeping your distance

As a writer it is sometimes hard to leave the imaginary world you are creating. I know, this sounds a bit weird. After all, many writers have difficulties getting into that world in the first place. We try all kinds of things from researching online and visiting our settings to wearing period costumes (a writer friend of mind walked around in a corset and crinoline for hours on end while she was writing a period piece a while ago). 
It also seems to be a cliché among erotic romance writers that they've tried it all out before writing it down. You know, all the kinky things their characters get up to. I'm not going to talk shop here, but I also write sex with monsters and I can definitely swear that I've never tried any thing remotely like that. 
What I mean is that, once you've really gotten into a story and the words are just flowing, shaping themselves into characters, scenes and settings, it is really hard to snap back to reality. At those times, I sometimes forget that I have a body in the here and now. I am so immersed in the story that I don't remember to eat or drink or even go to the bathroom. 
With erotic romance stories such an immersed experience can be quite a turn-on. Of course, writing a hot sex scene is also a kind of outlet, which allows you to live out your most deviant and intense fantasies. But then, sometimes a girl also wants to try them out in real life. Ah, well ...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hot Buttered Strumpet by Mina Dorian


I’m so excited! My first erotic romance story will come out at the end of June. I had a lot of fun writing it, especially the steamy sex scenes. At some point I had to fan myself because the action was getting so hot. The characters just wouldn’t stop, once I had written them all on the bed together…
Check out the Coming Soon page of my publishers Total-E-Bound for all the deliciously sexy publications to come in the near future and watch out for my story.