Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Vote for me (pretty please)?

I'm sooo excited! The Subspace anthology (with my story "The Accidental Sub") is among the nominees for Best Anthology 2011 over at Dawn's Reading Nook!

I'm going to be totally shameless and ask you to head over there and VOTE FOR ME! Ahem, VOTE FOR US! Yes, yes, yes! If you happen to like the Subspace anthology, that is.

Also, my amazing publishers Total-E-Bound are nominated for Best E-Publisher. I know that they're totally going to win. But nevertheless. Vote, vote, vote, please.

Oh, and I'll be Hitting the Hotspot once again on the 19th. Feel free to drop by. I'll be blogging about underwear - totally unappropriately as always - and I'd be thrilled to hear your opinion in the comments.

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