Friday, June 3, 2011

Keeping your distance

As a writer it is sometimes hard to leave the imaginary world you are creating. I know, this sounds a bit weird. After all, many writers have difficulties getting into that world in the first place. We try all kinds of things from researching online and visiting our settings to wearing period costumes (a writer friend of mind walked around in a corset and crinoline for hours on end while she was writing a period piece a while ago). 
It also seems to be a cliché among erotic romance writers that they've tried it all out before writing it down. You know, all the kinky things their characters get up to. I'm not going to talk shop here, but I also write sex with monsters and I can definitely swear that I've never tried any thing remotely like that. 
What I mean is that, once you've really gotten into a story and the words are just flowing, shaping themselves into characters, scenes and settings, it is really hard to snap back to reality. At those times, I sometimes forget that I have a body in the here and now. I am so immersed in the story that I don't remember to eat or drink or even go to the bathroom. 
With erotic romance stories such an immersed experience can be quite a turn-on. Of course, writing a hot sex scene is also a kind of outlet, which allows you to live out your most deviant and intense fantasies. But then, sometimes a girl also wants to try them out in real life. Ah, well ...

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