Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I just grew two inches ...

... which is quite a feat as I am a tall girl already. Well, not unreasonably tall (for a man that is) but tall nevertheless. Tall enough that little old ladies constantly ask me for help at the supermarket if they want something from the top shelf. And now even taller.
Oh, right, you probably want to know why I grew two inches. Well, it's because, because, because (drummroll) I just (holding my breath and whispering) signed the contract for my next story! Yay! And it's not just any old contract, either. No, no no! I am going to be in an anthology. And not just any old anthology but a really cool one with the wonderful Desiree Holt, whose stories are so hot, you would probably be able to fry a whole English breakfast on them. And with Sierra Cartwright (gasp!) and with three other wonderful authors - Jan Irving, Justine Elyot and Elizabeth Coldwell.
I'm so excited I will probably not be able to go to sleep tonight. And proud. So proud and excited in fact, that I will have to stop this post here before I embarrass myself (and everyone else) by babbling on and on.
More about the new story to come soon!

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